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Thursday, 9/15/2016, 05:29 PM

ONET services, Com&Com Ltd., joint venture between OSB and TWC has officially started opening and introduction Vsat setvice to Myanmar customers.

The event was held successfully with the participation of more than 300 customers and other units of the Myanmar Media like newspapers, magazine, television, Myanmar Authorities, Embassy of Vietnam in Myanmar etc and specifically, we have customers who register to use the service at the event.

The success of the event is indispensable important part of A1, TWC, OSB, Com&Com, and everyone participated on our ONET Ceremony. We really don't have any words to say thank you to you all

We will keep on fighting spirit of unity to take Com&Com boat successfully & customer s satisfaction.

7 day newspaper (4 September2016)

Kumudra Journal(6 September 2016)

Pyi Myanmar Journal(8 September 2016)

Internet Journal Photo (5 September 2016)

Myanma Alinn Newspaper(3 September 2016)

Internet Journal(5 September 2016)

Popular News Journal(8 September 2016)

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